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Are you worried about your investment in the stock market?

If you need to secure your retirement, a stock that doesn't return (or downright plunges) can be your worst nightmare. When your money is tied up and not even keeping up with the basic interest rate your savings account would provide – you need a change.

Trust deed investors, on the other hand, make money on interest every month. And as high as 10%, outperforming even your best IRA.

If you want to laugh at retirement worries, start investing in Trust deeds today and you'll...

  Start collecting checks every month.
  Never deal with the (risky) stock market again.
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Name: Anna Reese


Dear Smart Investor,

High return, low risk? Not in the stock market.

One thing is for sure, while there are many differences between Trust deeds and other types of investments – a trust deed is an investment opportunity that offers you a high return with less risk.

Smart investors pad their retirement fund with Trust deed investments because they can earn up to 10% back on their investment!

That's 5 times more retirement money compared to the average savings account or IRA at 2-4%.

Plus each investment is secured by actual property – homes, buildings, or land.


Who Else Wants A
Padded Retirement Fund?

Trust deed investing is a safe way to give someone else a loan, hold property as collateral, and collect interest plus a paycheck every single month.

(And borrowers usually pay higher interest rates to Trust deed investors than banks – which means more money for you.)

Just $500 earning 10% per year would turn into $3,363 in $20 years. Compare that to 2% a savings account may get you – $819.31 on $500 over 20 years. (You'd lose over $2,543)

And it's easy to cash out. Trust deeds can be traded or sold easily because they're so liquid (i.e. readily turned into cash).

You're protected: When you invest in a trust deed, every month that goes by increases your protection because the loan amount continues to be lowered by the monthly checks you receive. 

This Simple Read Guarantees
A Quick Start In Trust Deed Investing

If you're looking for a safe way to secure your retirement without risking it all, then I've got something you should know about.



Trust Deed Investing

How To Invest In Trust Deeds Ebook


Today there are a number of ways in which investors can invest their money.  From the stock market to savings bonds to deeds of trust, there is something for every investor looking for a way to grow their money.  While most investments are made with the same end in mind, the main difference between each investment type are the strategies and the level or risk involved.

My 82 page guide, "Trust Deed Investing," takes you step-by-step, by the hand, through the world of investing in this high return, low risk field.

You don't have to wait to get my report in the mail. In fact, you can be reading it in just minutes from now after you click the link at the bottom of this page. The report downloads straight to your computer and you can start your journey in Trust deed investing right away.


...here is just SOME of the insider investing tips you'll find inside:

 Why Trust Deed Investing is safer than the stock market. (Page 5)

The big reason why Trust deed investors agree it's the best way to invest for retirement. (Page 6)

How to get 15 times more retirement money than you would with an IRA. (Pages 7-8)

3 things you should ask to know about a borrower before you invest. (Pages 14-15)

Why people use trust deeds to begin with. (Pages 16-24.95)

3 vital parties involved in every trust deed. (Page 24.95)

2 major differences between trust deeds and mortgages. (Pages 18-19)

7 reasons why investing in trust deeds is smarter than risking it in the stock market. (Pages 19-21)

9 reasons why trust deeds are in demand. (Pages 23-25)

6 rules of Real Estate Law you need to know before you invest. (Pages 26-27)

What TILA stands for and what it means to you. (Pages 27-28)

Possibly the single most important element to secure investing in trust deeds (and how to make sure it's done right). (Pages 29-30)

9 areas to judge a borrower before you sign on. (Pages 31-32)

2 insurance policies that will ensure you're making a safe investment. (Pages 33-38)

How to free yourself of the burden of collecting payments. (Or how to find a third party that'll do the dirty work for you.) (Pages 39-40)

7 things a loan servicing company can do for you to make Trust deed investing as effortless as possible. (Pages 41-43)

The ins and outs of 8 loan notes your Trade deed may need to use (and how to handle each of them). (Pages 47-50)

What to do if you lose a loan note (a copy of the original won't do it). (Pages 50-51)

All you need to know about construction loans. (Pages 51-54)

Insider tricks for using an escrow company to protect your money. (Pages 55-57)

8 things to know before you start working with your escrow company. (Pages 58-61)

2 ways to follow through with foreclosure and get back your investment. (Pages 64-65)

2 documents you'll need before you foreclose. (Pages 67-68)

How to quickly handle a borrower's bankruptcy. (Page 69)

7 beginning tips for succeeding with Trust deed investing. (Pages 71-73)

8 frequently asked questions for the beginning investor. (Pages 75-78)

The 7 most important steps to winning with Trust deed investing. (Pages 80-81)

And there's MUCH more guaranteed!


You Can Laugh At Retirement Worries -- If You Act Today

There's no better feeling than knowing your financial future is secure. If you want to discover how to start earning 10% interest on your money, "Trust Deed Investing" is your one-way ticket to a relaxing retirement.

You can read through it in 70 minutes or less. And when you're finished, you'll know what to do from day one. How to find a good opportunity, how to protect your investment, how to leave the hard work to someone else, and more.


How Much Is That Worth To You?

You'll be kicking yourself for not getting your hands on my report earlier. (Especially when you see how others are turning $500 into $3,363 of retirement money.)

Even though this report could literally help make you tens of thousands of dollars, I'm not going to charge you $1,000, $750, or even the $300 you might expect for an investing course. Instead you can learn the ins and outs of Trust Deed investing for just $24.95.00.


 My Huge, Risk-Free 3-Month, 100%
Money-Back Guarantee

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If you're not totally thrilled with the information and guidelines in my guide, simply send me an email and I'll cheerfully refund 100% your money.


If You Serious About Trust Deed Investing
Then This Is Your Guide

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed: Click the link at the bottom of the page to answer a few questions and download my report (it's easy, I'll guide you through it). Then take a look through it.

Read the whole thing if you like. If it's not everything you thought it would be, just write me a friendly email saying so. I'll return your investment ASAP.

You have 45 days to make your decision. If you don't think my report was worth it, you pay nothing.

Now click the link below to get started, because there are a few questions for you to fill out before you start securing your retirement with Trust deed investing.


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P.S. Even though there is always some risk when making an investment, trust deeds happen to be one of the safest investments available today. Because unlike other investments, a trust deed is secured by actual property – homes, buildings and land.

P.P.S. My report reveals all you need to know to get started investing in Trust Deed investing today. And you can literally be reading it in minutes from now (it downloads straight to your PC).

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Are trust deeds good investments?

Trust deed investments are secured by real property that you can see and touch (if you want to) and own if the loan goes into default and you foreclose on the property. That's why trust deed investing is relatively safe when compared to other higher-risk investments.

Can you have more than one trust deed?

A trust deed is an effective way to repay your creditors without the need to enter sequestration, but what happens if your debts build up again further down the line? You are able to enter into more than one trust deed, but you must have been discharged from the first before you enter into a second arrangement.

Will I lose my house with a trust deed?

Unless your home has been excluded from your trust deed by agreement with your creditors, the property might be transferred to the trustee in order for equity to be released and the resulting money paid to creditors. Equity is defined as the value of your property minus the amount of any mortgage or secured loan.