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Name: Anna Reese


Dear Prospective Marketer,

How would you like to:

 Get an instant HOT product you can call your own?

 Skip the product development phase and gain privileged access to a turnkey business with all the professionally-written sales letter, landing page, thank you page, persuasive follow up emails, and stunning graphics done for you?

 Sell an in-demand product and keep 100% of the profits?

 And enjoy all of the above right now?

If your answer is YES to any of the above, then you owe it to yourself to read every line of this letter!

Consider yourself lucky, because for a limited time only, I am releasing the exclusive FULL Resell Rights & FULL Source Code Rights to my HOT selling product, Membership Juggernaut!

That's right. This means:

No need to create your own product from scratch,

 No need to spend TONS of time on market research (demands already there),

 And no need to chalk out your own marketing materials!

You get awesomely exclusive rights to my product instantly (no waiting needed), and you can be in business in the next 2 hours.

Given all the necessary work such as copywriting, graphic designing, writing of marketing materials, and product development already done for you, you just need to set up and market for maximum profits. Wait. Make that - 100% profits. But first, here is a list of what's on the table for you...



Membership Juggernaut Ebook



Membership Juggernaut





This product sells for $67.00, but with the Full Master Resell Rights to this product acquired, you too can be selling this product for $67.00 per pop! This is obviously better than marketing as an affiliate, because you are keeping literally ALL the sales and you're NOT obliged to share a single cent of profits with me!

To get you starting your own awesome business as a reseller, you'll be receiving:

 Professionally written killer sales letter,

 Landing Page for you to collect leads and build your own mailing list,

 Beautifully-designed graphics for your sales letter,

 Thank you page where you can give download access to your customers and make back-end sales,

 4 persuasive follow up emails to convert your prospects into customers,

 And over 4 different color schemes for your web pages! (Red, Green, Blue, Professional)

It's like a shake and bake - just set them up and you'll be in business in even the next 2 hours. As the product has been carefully created to cater to an existing hungry demand, you don't have to worry about profitability in demand!

Here's what you can do with the Full Master Resell Rights to my product:

 You can sell and keep 100% of the profits. The suggested selling price is $47.00.

 You can bundle the product into a paid package and sell at a higher price.

 You can add the product into a paid membership site.

 Your customers can also in turn resell the product and keep the profits to themselves. Their customers can do the same and so on.

 You can edit the marketing materials, sales letter, landing page, and thank you page.

And if you think that's great, here's something else better:


You Also Receive The FULL SOURCE CODE RIGHTS To This Awesome, HOT Selling Product!

You will also receive the source graphic files to my product covers, web images, pre-made templates, and Photoshop action scripts in PSD format.

With the Full Source Code Rights, you can:

 Put your name on the product as the author or brand it as your own,

 Edit the source codes,

 Change the title,

 Edit the PSD covers, web images and action scripts in Adobe Photoshop,

 Put your links and affiliate links inside the product (member area, source code, etc.),

 Sell and keep all the profits,

 Convey Basic/Master Resell Rights to the product,

 And even resell the Source Code Rights to your customers! The suggested selling price is $197.00. Your customers can also in turn resell the Source Code Rights and so on.

Given the awesome flexibility you have with these rights, you can choose to resell the product as it is, or brand it as your own before selling!

Oh, and don't forget that you will also receive my awesome Resell Rights marketing package, which includes:

 Resell Rights sales letter with Thank You page - you just need to set it up and sell this product at $197.00 per pop!

 "Step-by-step branding" instruction manual that will help you in branding the product unique to you in the best manner possible!

However, please make sure you follow these terms and conditions below in ensuring fair play and equal fun and profits for all resellers to enjoy:


Source Code Rights & Master Rights Terms and Conditions

  1. You CANNOT give away the Source Code Rights to the product for free.

  2. You CANNOT under any circumstances give the product away for free or as a bonus to another product you are selling, with or without Source Code Rights. It must be sold. However, you can bundle the product into a paid package or add into a paid membership site.

  3. You CANNOT use unethical marketing methods or SPAM to conduct your business with this product.

  4. You CANNOT sell this product, in whatever format, on auction sites such as

  5. You CANNOT add, use or impersonate my name and business name. This product is for your own use, not mine.

  6. You CANNOT claim copyright to the product unless substantial changes are made to the product.

  7. All web site links (URLs) MUST point to business related web sites. In other words, no porno, gambling or other unrelated business web sites.

  8. You are responsible for customer service.


I'm Sold! How Much Is It?

Now, acquiring the rights to TOP NOTCH products like this can go into hundreds, potentially thousands of dollars in investment. While it's worth it - any marketer can be in the profit zone after 10-20 sales (which is an easy feat) - I really, really want to make this easily available to you.

Thus I'm going to let you have the Source Code Rights & Master Rights to this awesome package at a one-off price of only $17.


 The amount of money you can be making from this incredible income opportunity, and

 The amount of time and effort you save in product development and marketing research!

That's right. You can sell the product as it is and cover your investment in only 4 sales, or resell the source Source Code Rights to this awesome product and be in the profit zone after 2 sales! Now, that's a super easy feat anyone can achieve!


Get Your Copy Now!

I cannot guarantee that this offer will last forever so your best bet in starting your business with a brand new, HOT product is investing in this package right now. I have personally set my own limits as to how long this offer should last until a certain number of copies are sold. After that, I'll remove this page without warning.

This is good for you, too, because it will limit the amount of competition in a broadly wide market, allowing you to profit to the fullest.

So order now and be in business a.s.a.p.!

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Today Only $17

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Best Regards,

Author of Membership Juggernaut

P.S. Please don't let this amazing special offer pass you by. The sooner you grab this package, the sooner you can be in business and squeeze in your own fair share of the E-commerce pie!

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 Yes, I Want It Now While It's Only $17!

(Important) I understand that this is an electronic book (e-book) that is downloaded and delivered in PDF format not by mail. It can be read or printed out from any computer that has adobe reader (immediately after payment).

And I understand that by making a one time investment I will receive the following ebook:

 Membership Juggernaut - Which will give me a product that I can make my own and sell at my price and keep all the profits.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

How do I create a membership website for free?

You can make a membership website for free with Wix or SITE123. Even though these free membership plans have some limitations (for example, your website will feature the website builder's branding, and you can't choose a custom domain name), you can still use them to create a fully functional website.

Do membership websites make money?

A membership site can be extremely profitable—but only if people join. There are a variety of ways to market a membership site. First, you need to know your ideal customers and where you can find them. Next, you need to find ways to entice them to your membership site.

What is a membership platform?

A membership site platform (also known as Membership Management Software) is an all-in-one tool used by many different types of organizations to manage all their membership functions online. Most membership site platforms allow you to instantly... process online payments, fees and donations.