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"If You Are A Smarty-Pants On Any Topic, You May Find Yourself With Money, Freedom, And A Great Career..."


...In Just A Few Months! Finally Tell Your Bosses You Won't Be Needing Their Services Any Longer.

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Dear Friend,

Hundreds of thousands of people make a living doing one thing and one thing only...

...telling other people what to do.

Right now, you get up early every day. You survive the commute to your work. You take orders from someone else - and then you get a paycheck.

One that's probably a lot smaller than your boss' check - even if you know a lot more about what's going on than he or she does.

But you know what? If you've taken the time to learn your trade... If you've gained experience in the real world...

You may be able to find people who will PAY YOU to tell them what to do. In fact, they probably need your help, badly!

Consultants and coaches are everywhere. And there may be nothing stopping you from starting your new life as one. You just need to know where to start.

Stop looking, because I've found it for you. 



How To Start Your Own Coaching/Consulting Business

Our How To Start Own Coaching Business EbookWho else would love to start their own business in the coaching/consulting industry?

Do you know more than the "Average Joe" about computers? Business? Gardening? Writing? Or taxes?

If you do, you can take that knowledge to the bank. Everyone could use someone who is ready to give advice from time to time. And many people have already discovered that they can make a career doing so.

Can you too? I don't know. I don't know you. But chances are, you're more qualified than you think.

Consultants are needed in all different areas of life. When a person or business is lacking experience in some area, sometimes, the best option is to bring in somebody who has the knowledge they simply do not.

In walks you, the consultant.


"Finally! Get Paid For Telling Others What To Do!"

How long have you been at your job? Are you good at what you do? Could you help other businesses that are just starting out get up to speed?

Then you are a qualified consultant! And of course, that's only one way to share your knowledge.

"How To Start Your Own Coaching/Consulting Business" is my well researched, 50 page guide that you can download straight to your computer in mere minutes. It will tell you all the insider tips and tricks that will get you started on a benefits-filled path in a career as a consultant or coach.

...check out just SOME of the information you will find inside:

 The difference between a coach and a consultant - and which one is best for YOU. (Page 5)

 3 things you will need to create a business plan to make your business boom. (Page 16-17)

 6 reasons why someone would want to hire a coach. (Page 32-33)

 Finally! For those of you who shudder at the sound of "cold-calling," now you can try something a little more comfortable for all parties: Warm-Calling. (Pages 25-26)

 4 criteria a person must meet before they hire a coach. (Pages 33-34)

 Warning! Before you go out and rent your own office space, make sure you look over this crucial bit of information. (Page 18)

 The secret to "cold-calling" for business - and how to use it for success. (Pages 24-25)

 3 variables you must take into account when deciding how to set up your workstation. (Pages 19-20)

 Why you must have a legal business identity if you want to be successful. (Page 14)

 The best free way to generate business over and over again. (Pages 22-23)

 What the words, "For business Only" will mean for you and your business. (Page 18)

 The secret power that one "Good-Samaritan" technique can have on getting your business started. (Pages 26-27)

 4 business matters you must continue to tend to throughout the life of your business. (Page 46)

 A crash-course introduction on different ways to get the word out about your business with paid advertising. (Pages 23-24)

 4 methods of advertising your coaching services that you won't want to leave out. (Page 46)

15 insider-tips to take with you on your new venture. (Pages 27-30)

 4 tools you will need to have ready as a coach. (Pages 43-44)

 4 things you can't afford not to pay attention to when starting your career as a coach. (Page 45)

 How to sell your services without "selling." (Page 28)

 How to decide what type of coach you want to be - take a look at 5 different in-demand types of coaches. (Pages 35-38)

 3 different types of businesses, and which one is right for you. (Pages 14-16)

 The one element crucial to starting a consulting business that makes money. (Page 16)

 The wisdom that the line "don't put all your eggs in one basket" can bring to your practice. (Page 21)

 How to "take advice" from potential clients and turn it into cash. (Page 27)

 What successful business men and women do when they need to start a business fast. (Page 22)

 6 questions to ask yourself before deciding to become a coach. (Pages 39-41)

 7 reasons why coaching and consulting are not the same thing - and why you'll need to run your business accordingly. (Page 6)

 3 challenges you WILL run into as a coach and how to prepare for them. (Pages 41-42)

 3 things you must consider before you jump in as a consultant. (Pages 12-14)

 12 priceless tips for you to follow throughout your coaching career. (Pages 47-49)

And there's MUCH more - guaranteed!


"Are You Ready To Start Deciding When You Want To Wake Up, How Much You're Going To Get Paid, And How Long You're Willing To Sit In The Office Each Day?"

When you work for yourself, these decisions are yours.

Many people who are now making a living full time as a consultant did so because they wanted to spend more time at home with their families. Others simply thought it would be nice to work from their laptop on a beach.

What's your reason? Do you want more time to pursue other projects? Do you want to be able to make it to your daughter's soccer games?

Do you want to decide how much money you're worth?

You can achieve these goals with my battle plan. Inside my report, you will find your quick-start guide to becoming a consultant or coach in less time than you thought possible.

Don't know how to make your business legal? Turn to page 14. I'll tell you what you need to know to make sure your operation is legal from the get-go.

Don't even know how to start marketing your services? Turn to page 21. Right away I'll tell you the insider tips and tricks you'll need to know to market your services not only for cheap - but often for FREE.


How Much Is That Worth To You?

With everything that is included in How To Start Your Own Coaching/Consulting Business, the price tag for a ebook like this could be well out of reach.  But I wanted it to be available to everyone at a reasonable price.  That's why I'm offering it to you at the exclusive low price of $17.00

Ordering is easy:  Just add it to your cart below.  When you order, you'll receive the ebook directly to your e-mail box and be well on your way towards having your own coaching and consulting business!  You'll always have it to refer to at the touch of a button what could be better than that?

I believe in this ebook so much that I've decided to go the extra mile for you.  Many people like to browse through the pages of a book to make sure they're getting what they pay for.  I'll let you do that too.  How?


 My Huge, Risk-Free 3-Month, 100%
Money-Back Guarantee

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If you're not totally thrilled with the information and guidelines in my guide, simply send me an email and I'll cheerfully refund 100% your money.


"Are You Brave Enough To Start Moving Towards
A New Career Today?"

If you never take any action, you'll never get what you want.

Maybe being a consultant, or being a coach, sounds really good to you. Maybe it would provide a new life for you. If it's somewhere you'd love to see yourself in the future...

...then you have a dream. But you have to act on that dream if you're going to get anywhere.

My report is the first step. "How To Start Your Own Coaching/Consulting Business" will spill the beans on everything you need to know to get started in your new adventure.

And it may also help you decide if being a consultant or coach is NOT for you. If my report can stop you from spending thousands of dollars on equipment and space - simply by teaching you what to expect - then you owe it to yourself to do some research first.

We've done that for you. Everything is in my 50 page guide waiting for you to read. And you can get it in just minutes from now.

You could waste thousands starting a career you didn't know how to succeed in. You could spend weeks, even months trying to find all the information we already have waiting for you. How much is that worth to you?

Investing $17 now in your new career to save you time and money would be the first smart decision you made. And that's all it takes. One low investment and you have instant access to 50 pages of consultant/coach knowledge. So get your copy today....


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P.S. Are you ready to start getting paid for telling others what to do? Chances are, you're more qualified than you think. My guide will teach you in less than an hour, what you need to do to get started in your very own consulting/coaching business. Just scroll up to get a sneak peak at what you'll find in my guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

How much does it cost to start a coaching business?

You can start a life coaching business on a budget, especially if you run the business from home and already own a computer with internet access. Average startup costs range from $5,000–$15,000, which may include one-time costs such as: Initial training and certifications.

Is coaching a profitable business?

Estimates are that this figure is on a further rise. This is because the non taxable profession of running a tuition centre can earn a well qualified teacher anything between Rs. 50,000 to 70,000 in a month. In some cases, private tuitions are so popular that children have seats book a year in advance.

Can you make a living off coaching?

Many people are now making over 6 figures in coaching. Coaching is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Even during a pandemic, coaching businesses thrived and generated more income than previous years. If you set your mind to it and learn some marketing skills, you too can thrive as a coach.