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Each year, it seems as if something new hits the internet.  Lately, it seems that one of the hottest things on the internet is online video websites.  Online video websites are websites that will allow internet users to make their own videos, upload them, and share them with others.  With millions of internet users browsing through online video websites, there is a good chance that you could make a video and have it seem by thousands of internet users, if not more.

When it comes to making an online video, for an online video website, there are many individuals who are unsure what their video can or should be about. What is nice about making your own homemade video is that you can make a video on just about whatever you want.  Of course it is important to keep in mind the terms of use of the online video website that you are planning on using, such as YouTube. With most online video websites, you are prohibited from threatening violence on a particular person or creating a video with pornographic material. Before making your video, it is advised that you find an online video website and familiarize yourself with what is and is not acceptable. 

Once you have determined what is acceptable video content and what is not, you should be able to start developing ideas.  While there is a good chance that you already know what you want your online video to be about, but there is also a chance that you have no idea.  If you are making an online video for the first time, you may want to pick a video theme that is fun and easy to do.  If you enjoy the experience, you can then move on to creating longer online videos or ones that require additional work.  When looking for easy to make videos, you may want to consider doing a comedy skit or a how-to video. 

2 Of The Main Benefits to Video Products

1) It's much easier to SHOW someone how to do something, as opposed to just telling them.

Teaching people to do something with written word can be difficult at best. Some won't understand what you are trying to explain...they may be confused with certain terms or descriptions. With video, you can SHOW them what you are talking about to remove all doubt. There's no guessing that they are doing something correctly, they'll know for a fact!

2) Higher perceived value of all your products.

Writing a manual or guide is great, but to be honest, videos are EXPECTED to cost more. You are adding a personal touch, and spending your time bonding with your customer (or at least, that's how it seems). Because of this, the value of your product increases. You can earn more profit from the exact same amount of work!



How To Create Your Own Video ProductHow To Create Your Own Video Product Ebook

Making and sharing your own videos, sounds exciting doesn’t it?  If it does there is a good chance that you would like to get started right away. 

However, before making plans for your next online video, you are advised to think about how the process works. This is important because it will let you know what type of equipment you will need to get started.

When you're making a web video, you need to treat it like a major motion picture.  Although, you will most likely not have to go to the extremes that Hollywood professionals do, there are some traits that you must pick up from them.  The most important out of all these traits is designing and planning your web video. 

Making a web video that is powerful, entertaining and informative does not just "happen."  It takes time to plan out what you want to say, how you want to say it and the overall look that you want your web video to be.  The post effective web videos are those that are composed and shot with care.  The more time that you put into your web video, the better it will look. This guide will guide you through the whole process of creating your own video product.


Here's a taste of what you will learn inside this guide...

 What tools are you going to need to create your video product? In this chapter, you'll see the advantages and disadvantages of certain tools...and more importantly, what you MUST have in order to create a great video product.

 Do YOU know how to edit your video? Unless you plan on recording one continuous video, and starting over each time you mess up, you absolutely must know the essentials of editing. Get them broken down into simple terms!

 You mean I have to have a plan? This is quite possibly the most important step in the video creation process...are you prepared to waste hours and hours because you missed one of the steps?

 Product delivery just got a little more complicated! Now that you have a video to deliver to customers, you need to know how to go about it. Will it be physically shipped? Downloadable? What if your customer is on slow dial up...all these questions and more are answered.

And a lot more!

There has never been a means that touches so many people on such an intimate level than with video.  Whether you are going to the movies, watching your television, or recently, surfing the web, you are able to view videos that are interesting to you.  But why is video so powerful in explaining a message, telling a story or selling a product?  Perhaps the reason why individuals are so connected with video is because it stimulates two of the most powerful senses in our bodies, which is sound and sight.

Because of this, video is a very influential way to get you message across.  Since video activates and uses the most dominate of our senses, we are more than likely to remember the message that is being displayed to us.  And it is with this knowledge that many people begin to market their web videos in order to get their message across.


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Frequently Asked Questions!

How much is a product video?

How Much Do Professional Video Production Services Cost? Outsourced marketing video production costs can range anywhere from $1,200 for a basic video to $50,000 for a premium video, while in-house solutions usually run less than $5,000 (for the equipment).

What is the purpose of a product video?

Video provides a 360-degree view of a product in a contextual environment which helps to better convey its features to a consumer. When a consumer understands a product better, it increases their buyer confidence and their likelihood to buy.

Can I make video in Canva?

Canva allows you to create videos just like you would create a power point presentation, using their extensive library of ready-made templates, or starting from scratch. Upload your own media, or use Canva's library of stock images, videos, elements and music to create a professional-looking video.