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From the time quilt making came into existence, a well-accomplished hand quilting stitches have been adored and envied. There is a feeling of veneration among quilters when they see a good hand made quilt.

Many of the quilters don’t use hand-quilting techniques because they are not sure and not confident about the results that they will produce. If you are not good quilting with your hands then you may leave visible knots or stitches or may be your art work wont look nice. Also, there is a possibility that you might leave some uneven stitches, which hold on to only few threads on the back of the cloth and very easily come out, this may lead to larger areas and your fabric might get torn.

People who have mastered this art of hand quilting, when they stitch a fabric, the length of the thread on both the sides of the quilt is the same and so is the gap between the stitches. Its true that the smaller stitches has good quality. The stitches are more even and consistent, which is more important that the size of the stitch.


2 Of The Main Benefits to Quilting

1) It's a wonderful hobby that allows you to create something unique and useful.

Spending time doing something you love can be extremely rewarding. What's even more rewarding is knowing that your hobby also serves useful in a practical way. With quilting, you get the best of both worlds.

2) Track history, commemorate important events and preserve your legacy for generations to come.

What better way to show someone you care than by creating something with your own two hands to commemorate an important event. Whether it's the birth of a new life into the world, or the joining of two people who love each other in marriage, quilting can help show them how much you really care.



Quilting Revealed 101

Quilting For Beginners Ebook


"The art of quilting integrated the European and African cultures in America during the slave period. The African folk-tradition was considered inferior, and the European superior. In spite of this gap, quilting brought about the unity of these two traditions and cultures.

It brought the values of both the African and European American women together in a way no folk art tradition did before. Both of them deeply rely on the traditions of storytelling and folklore. Uniting women to sew and pass the traditions to new generations are the common characteristics of both traditions.

Not only did both African and European Americans make quilts to provide warm blankets for their families, but also to show their creativity and gain status, record family history, and to represent various themes and beliefs. Women considered it to be the best way to spend time together and display their skills.

Despite the fact that quilting is a process with individual interpretations, it is also a cultural process that came into being from the exchange and merging of both African and European traditions. The emergence of American quilting was one of the products of this process. The quilting styles of both traditions are highly symbolic. Both of them deeply rely on the traditions of storytelling and folklore. Uniting women to sew and pass the traditions to new generations are the common characteristics of both traditions."

Here is what you will learn inside this guide....

 What is the history of quilting...and does it even pertain to you? Quilting dates back a VERY long time, and many cultures have distinctly different ways and reasons for quilting. Inside, we'll discuss 7 unique cultures, and what their quilting styles are.

 The technical guide...learn what all the confusing terminology REALLY means. Quilting has a language of it's own...this guide will break down the meanings of many of the toughest terms. Over 60 different terms are explained!

 Which style are you going for, and how can you achieve it? With so many choices, it's easy to get confused. First, we'll narrow down what it is you are going to create (be it a quilt, wall hangings or anything else you can imagine). Once you've got that figured out, you can choose which direction you'd like to go with the style.

 Where can you find some of the most important quilts ever created? In this chapter, we'll discuss 4 of the most significant quilts in history. Not only will you be able to understand what they were made for, and why they are significant...but you'll also be able to view some of them from the comfort of your own home!

 And a lot more!

When you start your quilt, you will need patterns, such as rectangles, squares, cut strips, and so on. Once you gather your patterns, you will need cutting tips to complete your quilt. which is all covered in this ebook.

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